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Nearly 1 Billion people in developing countries lack access to safe clean drinking water. Open dumps and badly managed landfills. Straight pipes from homes and inadequate septic and sewage systems all pollute the water that people around the world drink. When we look at the world water covers over 70 % of the planet Only 3% of this water is considered fresh water. Lakes and Rivers.

The Problem

Today pollution coming from factories, refineries, airplanes, automobile emissions, open dumps and open pipe sewage systems all wind up in the water that we drink. Rain cleanses the air as it falls to the ground. (Acid Rain) It then comes in contact with ground pollution. It mixes with pesticides, Herbicides and fertilizers in the agricultural industry. It mixes with Industrial pollution that mixes with ground waters. Coming from Chemical, Mining and manufacturing industries. All contribute to our polluted waters especially in third world countries where there is little over site. In reservoirs we have animals that live, die and decompose in the water.This creates a biological pollution.
Humanity has defiled our planet with pollution and dangerous substances and water has become the victim. Water is our source of Life. When waters become to contaminated all will suffer and possibly die.

What PVA is doing to help

Pura Vida Agua volunteers serve as partners in training those we serve around the world in safety management of their water. As we empower partners with filters and safe drinking water. We also train local men women and children on safety and management of their water through education. We equip and share the word of Christ and fellowship. Teaching all to share with one another and spread the gospel as Christ would do. Weather it be a family filter system or a community filtration system all are placed in a Christ based environment. Trainers, partnering church's, missions and brethren. All continue to carry on the Christ based witness creating life long sustainability in the area's we serve.
Pure Water and Living Water go hand in hand. We partner with ministries that have a goal of making disciples as Jesus did.

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