Worldwide Water Missions

New Life International

Pura Vida Agua is proud to announce partnership with our long standing friends from New Life International.

The New Life system can purify thousands of gallons of water per day. Or, as little as 55 gallons of water (or less) per day.

The NLI Water Purification System

The New Life International water purifier is easy to use and may be installed in many different arrangements. The system can be adapted to utilize the local water sources and various water tank sizes or configurations that are needed for a given application.The New Life International water purifier makes water SAFE to drink. We also offer optional water filters to help clean the water of particulates if needed. Solar panels are available to keep the battery charged.

Basic Water Purification Kit One Tank Quick Disconnect System

The basic kit includes everything needed to get the New Life International water purification system operational and make water safe to drink. The water purifier can be installed on various sizes of water tanks ranging from 100 liters to 10,000 liters. The typical purification cycle time to chlorinate the water ranges from a few minutes for 100 liters up to several hours for 10,000 liters depending upon the turbidity (clearness) of the water and the system configuration. The process requires another hour to allow the chlorine to disinfect the water. The chlorine level is then retested to determine if the water is safe to drink. Note: The 12 volt battery and salt to operate the system will need to be purchased separately in-country. Likewise, existing on-site water tanks may be used or new tanks purchased locally near the installation site. The one tank quick disconnect kit allows a user to purify a wide variety of water tank sizes and then easily remove the water purifier for safe keeping or to be used on another tank in a different location. Shutoff valves keep the water in the tank when disconnecting the hoses and purifier from the tank.

Two Tank Quick Disconnect System

New Life International highly recommends a two tank, gravity fed system for the highest capacity usage such as disaster relief. While the water is being purified in the upper “Treatment Tank”, the lower “User Tank” can be dispensing safe water until it is empty. After bringing the chlorine level up to the required level and letting the water sit for the necessary contact time, the water in the Treatment Tank can then be transferred by gravity to the User Tank by opening a valve. The water in the User Tank can then be used immediately for drinking. Another batch of water can then be purified in the treatment tank while drawing water from the User Tank. If you want more information on sponsoring a water purifier and associated parts for your ministry, please contact us. Thanks so much and have a great day!