FAMILY SYSTEM: A filter system to provide water for 1-5 families cost only $55.00. You can sponsor one family with safe water for only $55.00 per filter system. If shared between three families = approx $18.00 per family. These filters are guaranteed for 1 million gallons of water. Lasting up to as long as twenty years or more. For less than $4.00 per year a single family can have safe water.

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COMMUNITY SYSTEM: Or for approx $400.00 you can provide an entire orphanage or village water with a community system. Purchase a Community System and place it in a school, church or community building and provide safe water for an entire community. Or your church,sunday school class, company or office or group can provide multiple home filter systems for a community. We have a list of areas based on needs in Multiple Countries. And we can send your filters by trained volunteers and provide filters for an entire community. For an additional $3.50 per person you can provide each recipient with a new Bible written in their own language. (Prices vary by location)

WELL SYSTEM : Provide a purification system for a well for only $225.00 such as the one used in Uganda that provided safe water for 750 children and employees). Each village is carefully researched to see which system works best.

Buy a filter for Christmas or multiple and give them as gifts to a family or families in need. We will take pictures of your support family and send them to you or the recipient per your request. There is nothing better than giving of a witness and living water through Christ and Living Water through a filter system for a family.
One supporter this year has supported an entire village of seventeen homes with safe water. She will receive pictures of each recipient and their system to give to friends as Christmas presents. We currently have several areas that are in need of safe water and witnessing. Ask us about one that your church or group might like to support.

Call or e-mail us about your request on how you can help.
Pura Vida Agua can also help train your team or group for the mission and lead you. Place your support in the hands of someone you can trust. We will be happy to work with you. Small Groups or Large. We have the ability to mix our water missions with about any other. Ask us how. We often work with already existing Mission groups.

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